Multi-line syntax, Eclipse Helios, improvements and bugfixes

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Hi everyone!

I’ve received a lot of positive feedback on the new vector PDF export. The latest WireframeSketcher release adds some fixes and improvements to make it even better. This release focuses on fixing bugs but there is also a small new feature that I am sure you’ll like. Read on for more details.

PDF export improvements

One important thing that I missed last time is proper support for Unicode text. Now PDFs will correctly embed the required font needed to render the text. This also makes PDFs look much closer to what you see on screen. There is one very particular case on Mac OS X when it’s not possible to embed the required font. In this case the exporter will automatically fallback to image based PDFs.

Another improvement concerns images that you use in your wireframes. Now PDFs embed images in their original format (JPEG, PNG, GIF, etc). This approach produces documents that look better but that are also smaller in size. This can be very important when you are sending your PDFs around.

Multi-line text syntax

There was a long-standing request to allow multi-line text in tables. Now there is a new wiki syntax that lets you accomplish that and more.

Insert \n inside the text to break it in multiple lines. Alternatively use \r to do the same thing. This works not only for Table but also for Button, List, Placeholder, Link and other widgets. Here’s an example:

Multi-line Syntax

I love how this small addition to wiki syntax creates a whole lot of new possibilities.

Other changes

  • Fixed copy & paste of Images across screens in different directories
  • Fixed the rendering of dimmed Masters in exported PNGs.

Eclipse Helios

Last week was marked by the release of Eclipse Helios. “The Helios release is the largest release train produced by the Eclipse community, including 39 different project teams, over 33 million lines of code and the work of 490 committers. The release train makes it easier for users and adopters of Eclipse technology to adopt new versions of Eclipse projects.” I think you’ll agree that that’s quite impressive!

WireframeSketcher joins this train and it now officially supports Eclipse Helios! I’ve updated the installation instructions page to reflect that.


As usual to update to the latest version of WireframeSketcher just use the Eclipse update manager.