Refactoring: moving and renaming files safely

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Hi everyone!

I am delighted to bring you another update. The main theme of the new version is refactoring support. This is one of those features that I love the most: it makes the product much more helpful while keeping things unchanged on the surface. Read on for more details.


From the very start WireframeSketcher worked with multiple files which could reference each other in different ways. Screens can reference images and master screens, and storyboards are just a collection of pointers to other screens. Since the introduction of links the number of ways screens can point to each other simply exploded.

All these cross-file references create a difficult problem: what happens when a file is moved or renamed? Well, links are broken and must be fixed by hand. This is just not practical when you have a large number of mockups.

One of the most amazing things Eclipse gives you is its support for refactoring. You can safely make complex changes in your projects and Eclipse is smart enough to propagate those changes where needed. Today I am happy to announce that WireframeSketcher joins the ranks of plugins that support refactoring!

You can now seamlessly move files and directories around. Rename your images and screens and just reorganize your projects in the way you see fit. WireframeSketcher will kick in and magically update all the references in screens and storyboards that require it.

If you choose to preview the changes made by a move or rename here’s what you’ll see:

Refactoring Preview

I hope you’ll find it as amazing as I do!

Hotspot widget

One other change in this version is a new Hotspot widget. The aim of this widget is to let you place links in places that do not have a link property. Like table cells, trees and text paragraphs. A particularity of the Hotspot widget is that it only stays visible in design mode.

Hotspot Widget

Other changes

Here are some other small changes and bugfixes in the latest version:

  • Added an ‘eye’ icon to the icon library
  • Improved the support for auto-scrolling on widget resize
  • Fixed a refresh issue in ‘assets’ directory


As usual to update to the latest version of WireframeSketcher just use the Eclipse update manager.