Assets for Android and iPhone wireframes, new icons

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Hi everyone!

Today’s release brings new assets for Android and iPhone wireframes, improves support for SVG images and adds several new icons. Read on for more details.

Assets for Android and iPhone wireframes

We are continuously tweaking our support for SVG images and this makes it much easier to add custom user assets. Most notably, SVG assets automatically inherit current theme, sketchy or clean, and are drawn appropriately. We’ve published new assets for Android and iPhone wireframes that make use of SVG images to provide much nicer templates.

Android wireframe templates iPhone wireframe templates

These new assets also show how to use zip archives to package multiple files together. The built-in Mockups Gallery wizard downloads and installs packaged assets automatically. Go to Help > Add Assets from Mockups Gallery to launch it.

Improved SVG support

In this release SVG images gained background and foreground properties. Note that these properties only work for black & white images. Black color is converted to foreground and white color – to background. Additionally you can change the opacity of the background color.

Another change is better support for SVG images produced by Adobe Illustrator. Notably, SVG symbols are now properly loaded and displayed.

This update also adds support for 9-slice scaling that is very popular with Adobe products. This works by specifying extra information in SVG files. 9-slice scaling gives more control over how SVG images behave when resized. In the next few days we’ll be publishing a new Shapes stencil that will show how exactly this works.

New icons

This release adds several new icons. An icon for indeterminate checkbox state, simple arrow icons as found in GMail, and “more” (3 dots) icon for iPhone and iPad wireframes.

New icons


To update to the latest version of WireframeSketcher go to the Help menu and select Check for Updates.

The version number of this release is 3.2.0.