New background color tags, nested storyboards

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Hi everyone!

Today’s release brings new background color tags, better color and font tags, the possibility to nest storyboards and other improvements. Read on for more details.

Background color tags

Wiki syntax is a powerful way to customize widgets. This version improves it by adding new tags that allow to control background color. First flavor of background color tag is %(bgcolor) and it works the same as way as %(color) and %(font) tags do:

Text Background

Another flavor of this tag allows to change cell background in tables and row background in tables, lists and trees:

Table Background
Table Background Syntax

This version also improves how tags work and it’s now possible to combine them:

Nested Tags

Color tags now also support all CSS color names. So if you know your colors by name you can use them instead of RGB values.

Nested storyboards

One common grudge with storyboards is that it’s hard to keep them organized when working with a large number of screens. This version adds the possibility to nest storyboards one inside the other. This way related screens can be grouped in different stories that then can be combined all together:

Nested Storyboards

Note that nesting storyboards is an advanced technique and so it’s somewhat hidden away. To nest a storyboard you’ll need to use drag & drop from Project Explorer into the story editor. For this to work you might need to uncheck the Link with Editor (yellow arrows) option in Project Explorer first.

Bootstrap stencil

There is a new Bootstrap stencil available for download. Bootstrap is a free collection of tools from Twitter for creating websites and web applications. It’s recommended that you combine this stencil with new Font Awesome Icons, the iconic font designed for use with Twitter Bootstrap.

Bootstrap Stencil Font Awesome Icons

Other changes

  • Added rotation and flip properties for Image widget
  • Added support for SourceAnywhere from Dynamsoft
  • Fixed the error caused by image files without an extension
  • Fixed the issue with auto-completion for tags sometimes deleting the next word


To update to the latest version of WireframeSketcher use Help > Check for Updates, or just download it from our website.

The version number of this release is 3.9.1.