Update on high resolution (high-DPI) displays

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Hello everyone!

Today’s release brings a small update that introduces initial support for high resolution (high-DPI) displays on Windows. Read on for more details.

High resolution display support

High resolution displays are becoming more and more common, and for good reason, they look great compared to conventional displays. This type of display is also known as retina and Mac OS X users are familiar with them for several years now. The result can look great but it requires for applications to be designed to support this type of display.

We are monitoring the evolution of high-DPI displays closely to make sure that WireframeSketcher remains usable when used with one. We’ve added initial support for retina displays on Mac OS X back in 2013.

Today we are releasing a new update that adds initial support for high-DPI displays on Windows. This means that now WireframeSketcher will scale its interface to correct size instead of showing up with tiny icons.

There is still work to be done and this is why this is just the initial support. Even if the UI is 100% usable now, there are still elements that we’ll look blurry on high-DPI displays, and we can’t help it at this stage. WireframeSketcher is based on Eclipse platform and proper support for high resolution needs to be added there first. The good news is that things are moving forward and Eclipse guys are working on high-DPI support for Eclipse platform right now and the plan is to release a new version of the platform in June 2016. We are closely monitoring this development and we’ll be ready to update WireframeSketcher to full high-DPI as soon as the new version is out.

High-DPI on Linux

We didn’t forget Linux users, but unfortunately there is no temporary fix available there. This is due to the fact that Linux desktop environments do not offer support for automatic scaling of applications without high-DPI support. So Linux users will have to wait until we can release full high-DPI support. Until then there is no workaround that we could suggest, other than lowering the resolution in system settings. If you know of a better solution then please leave a comment here.


To update to the latest version of WireframeSketcher use Help > Check for Updates, or just download it from our website.

The version number of this release is 4.4.9.