Help me choose a better selection color

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Hi there! With this blog post I’d like to make a little experiment. I’d like try to involve you more directly into the decisions behind the development of WireframeSketcher. If this works well then we’ll repeat this more in the future.

For this first time I’ve chosen a small issue that is nonetheless important. Currently the light gray color is used to show the selection in widgets like List, Table and Tree. The problem with this color is that the contrast is too low and on some monitors is hard to distinguish it against the white background. I’d like to try a different color. The objective for the color to have a better contrast but still blend well with the overall wireframy style. My feeling is that a pastel color could do a good job.

To avoid theoretical discussions I’ve spent some time testing different colors and made a list with those that I found interesting. Head to the selection color discussion topic to vote for your color of choice or propose a different one.

Selection color discussion topic

Thank you in advance!