Launching Mockups Gallery

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Hi everyone,

I have great news. Today I am launching the Mockups Gallery website!

As you can guess from the name it’s a gallery of reusable mockups, wireframes, templates, UI snippets and components that you can use in your own designs. It’s a place that we can all use to share resources and save time for each other.

The idea was suggested to me first by Laurent Malvert back in February. It took me some time before I felt comfortable creating such a website. I am confident that we finally have enough building blocks to make this website possible!

Mockups Gallery is powered by Posterous which makes things dead simple. You can share your own contributions by simply using your favorite email client:

  1. Start by composing an email to
  2. Give it a relevant subject (e.g. iPhone stencil). You can tag your submission by ending the subject like this: ((tag: iphone, mobile))
  3. Add a description in the body. You can include a link back to your website.
  4. Attach the .screen file (or files) and exported PNG image files (for thumbnails)
  5. Send it!

I’ll review the contribution and it should be public shortly.

You can contribute in other ways by improving what’s already there, commenting, favoring, suggesting ideas and by spreading the word. So lets grow the Mockups Gallery together and we will all reap the benefits from it!