Improved command line, support for Eclipse 4.16, other improvements

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Hello everyone!

Today’s release improves command line support, updates to Eclipse 4.16 platform, and includes a few other improvements and bug-fixes. Read on for more details.

Improved command line

This version improves command line support in the standalone version. Command line support allows to automate the export of screen and story files to different formats.

Now on Windows there is a dedicated executable named WireframeSketcherc.exe (note the “c” character at the end of the file name) which allows WireframeSketcher to be launched from the command prompt and observe the console output. This was already possible on other platforms (using WireframeSketcher executable), but now proper command line support is also available on Windows.

Launching the following command to export a single screen file to PDF:

WireframeSketcherc.exe -application com.wireframesketcher.ui.screenExport ^
-data %USERPROFILE%\WireframeSketcher ^
-noSplash ^
-source %USERPROFILE%\WireframeSketcher\wireframing-tutorial\Mockup.screen ^
-dest %USERPROFILE%\export ^
-format PDF

will export the file and produce the following output:

Exporting 1 file to PDF
Exporting /wireframing-tutorial/Mockup.screen to C:\Users\MyUser\export\Mockup.pdf

Note that if you use WireframeSketcher plugin for Eclipse then you can always run the same command using eclipsec.exe executable (or eclipse on other platforms).

Please check the command line user guide for more details.

Eclipse 4.16 support

The newest release of Eclipse 4.16, also known as Eclipse 2020-06, was just released. We’ve updated the standalone version of WireframeSketcher to this more recent platform so that you can benefit from various improvements and bug-fixes. The plug-in version of WireframeSketcher now is also compatible with Eclipse 2020-06.

Eclipse 4.16

Other changes

  • Added support for exporting current selection to PDF
  • Updated Font Awesome icons to version 5.13.1


To update to the latest version of WireframeSketcher use Help > Check for Updates, or just download it from our website. If you are using a version older than 6.0.0 then we recommend that you manually download and install the latest version of WireframeSketcher to perform a full update.

The version number of this release is 6.2.3